Wire Cloth Terminology:

Bolting Cloth
Stainless steel mesh woven in plain weave construction using small wire diameter, thus providing a high percentage open area.

Calendered Wire Cloth
Wire cloth that has been passed through a pair of heavy rolls to reduce the thickness of the fabric, or to flatten the intersections to provide a smooth surface.

Corrugations in wires to permit locking them in place when perpendicular to each other.

Double Crimp
Warp and shute wires lay in each crimp.

Double Intermediate Crimp
Warp wires lay in every crimp in the shute wires, and the shute wires lay in every other crimp in the warp wires.

Wire diameter before weaving expressed in decimal.

Intermediate Crimp
Warp and shute wires lay in every other crimp.
Market Grades
Most commonly used sizes of industrial wire cloth. Specifications selected for general purpose work.

Number of openings in a linear inch measured from the center of one wire to a point one inch distant.

Clear opening between adjacent parallel wires; not affected by diameter of the wire.

Plain Weave
Each warp wire and each shute wire pass over one and under the next adjacent wire.

Plain Dutch Weave
Warp wires are generally larger than the shute wires.
Shute wires are closely spaced to provide a dense
weave with wedge shaped openings.

Shute Wires
Wires running across the width of the cloth as woven.

Square Mesh
Wire cloth with mesh counts the same in both directions.

Twilled Weave
Each warp wire and each shute wire passes successively over two and under the next adjacent pair of wires.

Twilled Dutch Weave
Combination of Plain Dutch and Twilled weaves.

Warp Wires
Wires running the length of the cloth as woven.

Welded Wire Cloth
Warp and shute wires lay flat (no crimp) and are welded at each intersection.

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